Azure Dream

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Azure Dream summary: 1) Ruriiro no Yume (Azure Dream) A woman sleeps with her co-worker one night. Both are interested in more, but there's something standing in the way: the protagonist's dreams for the future. 2) Princess of the Stars Takes a look at the realities of being in a relationship. 3) Honey & Mustard 4) Nostalgia About the relationship between a widow and the woman who has always loved her. 5) Virgin Season The next story in the 20-Musumex30-Otome series. Emi and Keiko have trouble finding time to spend together. 6) Mangetsu no Yoru ni wa (On a Night When the Moon is Full) Keiko and Emi go on a trip together. 7) Soft-Boiled Fujoshi (Hanjuku Joshi side story) "Soft-Boiled Fujoshi" is about a minor character from Hanjuku Joshi. Moe is more important to fujoshi than love is... or is it?


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