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Glamorous Lip summary: 1) Love is Here Hina, a 20-year-old assistant to a photographer, has always admired Kouzuki, a beautiful model. He wants nothing more than to be his stylist, but Kouzuki has other ideas. 2) Music Hour Taka, bass player for an up-and-coming band, has always liked the boy who works the concession stand at the live house, Shibuya Juice. But then Hina, Taka's friend, comes to visit and is mistaken for Taka's love interest... 3) Shiawase no Kamisama Starry-eyed high school boy, Kageyama, has been dumped nine times in three years and while cursing the sunset falls in love at first sight with the misunderstood Ryuuji Izumi... Kouzuki from the first story makes an appearance here as Kageyama's friend. 4) Ashita Tenki ni Naare Ryuuya, brother of Ryuuji Izumi from the previous story, is playing soccer with his teammates when he accidentally nails a flower delivery guy right in the face. Fortunately for Ryuuya, the flower guy is accustomed to taking balls to the face, and he shows the soccer kid some of his sweet moves. 5) Killing Me The number one host from Club Butterfly finds a boy getting the crap kicked out of him in an alley and indirectly rescues him. After taking him home, the boy's existence begins to push the boundaries of the jaded host's beliefs. 5.5) A Day In Hana's Life A short extra from the perspective of Izumi's little sister, Hana, bringing together all the couples from the previous chapters. 6) Ma Chérie A mysterious mansion master who believes himself incapable of love because of his profession, has found a mythical bat boy that shocks him.


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