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Gossip summary: Casanova, Bliss Ackland is the second son of the Ackland family, a U.S real estate famous conglomerate, top analyst who conquered the show business and also constantly having rumours with Hollywood female celebrities.  During his college days, he came out with "one meter male access ban" which led him to be attacked by various human rights association. But no one would have thought that Bliss Ackland who was a true hetero suddenly coming out as gay!  The media is constantly talking about the hot issue that's happening in the U.S., but in reality, it was just a play made by Bliss using his old friend Jin Cayman, who grew up like a family to avoid the confession of the underage daughter of a mafia boss whom he met at a social party. It's a gossip that will eventually calm down in a few days , but for Jin, who secretly have feelings for Bliss for 7 years is not happy with the situation but actually Bliss had been constantly courting Jin for the past 10 years...?!


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