Majutsushi-tachi no Yasoukyoku

Majutsushi-tachi no Yasoukyoku Summary

Majutsushi-tachi no Yasoukyoku summary: Dark and light magic used to coexist in Decentra, but light magicians banished their dark counterparts from the land in fear of their overwhelming power. Now nobody can use dark magic, its existence only known on paper… Desperately hiding the fact that he possesses the forbidden dark magic, Azami Orikasa enrolls in the prestigious Kuzunoha Magic Academy, determined to become a great national magician and save his grandma’s orphanage from its financial doom. On the entrance ceremony day, Azami suddenly gets jumped on and bit in the neck by a guy with wolf’s ears… and is clearly in heat?! In attempt to calm down the wolf guy, Azami exposes his dark magic and soon finds himself in a troublesome deal…


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