Maku ga Oritara Bokura wa Tsugai

Maku ga Oritara Bokura wa Tsugai Summary

Maku ga Oritara Bokura wa Tsugai summary: "I want this Alpha..." Mitsuo is an active idol hiding the fact that he's an Omega. He was able to climb to the top in an entertainment world full of Alphas by working hard. Now, he is the so-called "top idol" of the office. The second most popular guy, Seto, is without a doubt a talented Alpha who's strangely intuitive. Mitsuo isn't really good with people like him. However, he coincidently encounters him at his junior's live performance and they join forces due to some unexpected troubles. Then his suppressant's effects fade, causing him to go in heat on stage. After being saved by Seto, the audience remains clueless, but he now worries about Seto telling others that he's an Omega. Although Mitsuo is puzzled by his first heat, his reason collapses in pleasure and lust he's never felt before.


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