My Husband: Come on, Honey!

My Husband: Come on, Honey! Summary

My Husband: Come on, Honey! summary: Su Ling learns that Lu Xincheng, the man that she has courted for 18 years since her childhood, is going to get engaged with another woman, and she immediately rushes back to China from Hawaii. Though she finds that it’s true, she still can’t believe it. Out of anger, she has a car race and falls off a cliff. When she wakes up, she forgets everything, including Lu Xincheng that she loved. This time, Lu Xincheng can’t accept the situation and tries to make Su Ling remember something from her past, but Su Ling hates him and wants to stay away from him. What happens to Lu Xincheng, so that he wants to be engaged with another woman? And why does he change his mind and want Su Ling to remember the past?


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