The Story of Someone I Know

The Story of Someone I Know Summary

The Story of Someone I Know summary: * There is a secret in every love. And sometimes you want to reveal that secret that you’ve been hiding deep inside your heart. When the long unrequited love becomes burdensome; When you wander between love and friendship; When you can't be sure of your feelings; When you don't have the courage to speak from your heart.. People often reveal their secrets like this: "This is about someone I know..." The one at the end of a long unrequited love, Baek Jaehyun The one who started a new unrequited love, Cha Seungtae The one who loves without knowing what love is, Jung Woojin The one who doesn’t know it’s love, but still loves, Lee Seung I would like to ask you through a common, unrequited love, that you may have heard of at least once somewhere. What kind of secret love do you have?


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